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Relaxation Roller Ball & Infused Multi Use Oil

I had no choice but to order, I let my sister try your relaxation roller and she loved it and won't give it back! My brother wanted to try the citrus oil and I use mine so much that I ran out! Girl you got customers for life!!


Relaxation Roller Ball

I always have such a hard time winding down at night with work and the kids, so a colleague referred the roller ball. I rub it down before bed and in a matter of minutes, my body is so relaxed that I am able to rest and eventually sleep GOOD.

Ms. Tee

Holistic Wellness Coaching

This coaching experience was very refreshing. Initially, I did not think it would be beneficial or make a major impact, but my life has changed drastically. Coach LaJean was extremely supportive, patient, understanding, helpful, & she left a lot of space for me to move through the coaching my way. She provided so many techniques & resources to help me achieve my goals & become a better me! This was amazing will definitely be continuing services


Holistic Wellness Coaching

I had the pleasure of being coached for just 4 short but powerful weeks. In week 1 I came to the session just "showing up". Not really knowing what to expect, I really thought it would be some conversation of how I was feeling and then she respond and send me on my way. But was I wrong. Coach LaJean, came to the session with a whole outline, itinerary, workbook and more! By week 2 & 3 I was showing up to the sessions feeling courageous, empowered, and owning the sessions as I find wholeness.


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