Mission and Vision for Healing Is Her

Healing Is Her is a space where healing is a continuous journey. It was created to provide a holistic wellness approach for others to experience through self-care, self-love, aromatherapy, and apparel. 

Our Mission: Is to assist individuals in achieving balance in the mind, body, and spirit through holistic wellness practices. 


Aromatherapy: Products were created with the intent to heal. Focusing on the importance of listening to the body, practicing mindfulness, implementing breathing techniques, and searching to find overall emotional, mental, and physical support through holistic approaches. While experiencing these practices, HIH wanted to share them with our customers by sharing our aromatherapy collection. 

Apparel: LaJean is guilty of having a love for fashion and God. The spiritual apparel that HIH offers was created to provide a spiritual sector as it relates to holistic wellness. Soul Care is the first design and was created as a gentle reminder to find the root of what keeps you grounded and gives you purpose as you journey through life.