Meet the creator


LaJean is a mother and a woman of God. She is a powerful and intuitive light with the gift of bringing out the passion and purpose in anyone that she encounters. She is a proud D.C. Native and has spent more than twelve years in the mental health and wellness field. Earlier in her endeavors, she had the pleasure of working directly with the special needs and urban education population throughout D.C. While navigating her career, she remained a passionate mentor for underserved families and pregnant women throughout the DMV; serving and planning as they cultivate fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. She holds a Bachelors degree in psychology from Trinity Washington University, as it has been the driving force behind her endeavors in addition to experiential knowledge. In 2020, she founded a wellness brand - Healing Is Her, LLC to change the lives of individuals in order to live well holistically. As LaJean continues to move forward in her purpose, she has extended her gift to becoming a Holistic Wellness Coach through the Holistic Coaching Institute. 

Intentional self-love and self-care are two practices she uses to cultivate the joy that is needed to fully empower her clients and community.

Wellness Motto: In order to attain wholeness, one must focus intently on the mind, body, and spirit.