Healing Is Her, Founder



If you have been searching for an intuitive and transformational coach to partner with you or your organization, you are in the right place for wellness!  

LaJean is a light with the gift of bringing out passion and purpose in whomever she encounters. A proud mother, mentor, and woman of God. She is passionate about integrating wellness tools and education in the daily lives of individuals and communities. She holds a Psychology degree from Trinity Washington University. LaJean is a Certified Wellness Coach who specializes in holistic health and diet,  cultural competencies, trauma informed approaches, stress management, and mindfulness practices to propel individuals forward in their desire to thrive. She has a wealth of knowledge that she has offered over her span of fifteen years throughout the mental health and wellness field, specifically with non-profit organizations. 

As she continues to encourage and advocate for tangible wellness resources, LaJean has spent years studying and gaining knowledge in clinical aromatherapy to amplify the quality, vision, and creation of her wellness collection.