Parenting God’s Way

I want to start by sharing that you will fully receive this word by knowing two things: •You are chosen. •Children are a gift from God.

As children of the kingdom, it is vital that we stay close to God in every season of our life! God reminds us in James 4:8 to Draw close to Him and He will draw close to us. The role of a parent comes in many forms. It is likely that you have operated in the role of a parent without a title. Below I share a few strategies that God uses to help us operate in our assignments as parents or parental figures.

Here are four strategies:

Strategy 1: Allow God to nurture your maternal abilities.

God desires to strengthen our maternal abilities. As women, we are nurturing, loving, caring, empathetic, compassionate, and resourceful. God has instilled these qualities to assist us with our own journey and possibly someone else’s. We were created to be a part of someone’s village. Have you checked to see if your maternal abilities were prepared to receive what He has for you? In the book of knowledge, God has a son named Moses who was born and targeted to be killed shortly after birth but it did not happen. He was saved and nurtured by a woman. This speaks to the level of compassion that God has instilled inside of every woman. Moses was chosen and a gift from the father.

Strategy 2: He uses children to show us his love.

He uses our children, step children, nieces, nephews, mentees and students to show us His love and help to build on our strengths. Before children encounter any unforeseen circumstances, they are born to practice agape love. This is the unconditional love that God wants us to have for ourselves and others. Have you ever had an encounter with a child that loved you despite your tough love teachings their love never change? This the reason for God’s fruit of the spirit. It is the blue print to the way that Christians should strive to live daily. In Psalm 127:3, God reminds us that children are a gift. Although there are women that have not birthed children in the natural, God calls some of us to be spiritual mothers first. This is the preparation to birthing naturally. We are reminded by Leah who was a woman that felt unseen, God sees us and He shows His love through the children that we birth physically or encounter spiritually. Love is the key to abiding in God since He is love- 1 John 4:16.

Strategy 3: God uses children to assist in building faith and surrendering.

It is a false idea to think that once we are entrusted with the gift of birthing, that our children belong to us. If we remember Abraham, I could not believe that He was willing to sacrifice His child- or Hannah who was barren and asked God for a child only to give them back to Him? Luke 12:48- To whom much is given much is required; and to whom they entrusted much of him will ask all the more. What is the one thing that you are not willing to give back to God? God can use and will use your children. God used Nasiir to help me to become saved, instructed me to train him up, and in turn he is a prayer warrior throughout good and bad times.

Strategy 4: God’s will give you a tailored plan to parent.

In James 1:5 God says – If any man lacks wisdom, he is to ask of our God who gives to everyone generously. He also shares in Proverbs 31:28 – Her children rise and up and call her blessed. One of the first scriptures that Nasiir memorized was “As for me and my house we will serve the lord.” God also instructed me to teach my son to pray the Lord’s Prayer at 4 and 5 years old.

Here are some of Gods Skills for Parenting: He teaches us positive parenting. How to raise up our children. What to teach them to value. How to keep them God fearing. How to pray. How to love. How to speak. How to be servants. How to take constructive criticism. How to build character. How to walk in humility. How to share the gospel. How to be confident. How to be excellent. How to rely on Him. Our number one goal as parents whether biologically or spiritually, should be for our babies to love God more than us.


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