How does Holistic Wellness Equate to Abundant Living ?

Access to intangibles are vital for overall healing and wellness. I bet you are wondering why I mentioned access? Here’s why. Tangible self-care practices have been highlighted as a sign that we are living well. Practices like nail/feet appointments, hair appointments, eating out, spa days, etc.While these practices are refreshing, they usually still resolve in some form of exhaustion or unhappiness if underlying issues are deeply rooted but not addressed. The wisdom is that we live life to experience life; but oftentimes lack sustainable tools for the life that we truly desire. There are many external rewards and tangible proof accessible, that we conjure up success based on our qualities, abilities, goals, and accolades. My questions is: What happens when that is not enough for a life where you feel fulfilled? This was the major question that I pondered as I have gathered many of the necessary tools to assist individuals with abundant living.

I will start by stating that the term abundance has been highlighted throughout my spirituality. Abundance is considered to be a very large quantity of something. A state of fullness. I have meditated on the promises that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can ever ask or imagine and that God came that we have life and life more abundantly. These promises allows for healthier living holistically. In this article, I will dive deeper into some of the terms that you may want deeper exploration or understanding of as it pertains to a life of holistic wellness.

Holistic wellness is ones ability to dive deeply into the inner soul work. This consists of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual exploration. It is the understanding that there is a deeper meaning and purpose for life that does not allow solely for existing but also experiencing. It is the understanding that there are multiple parts of a human that allows for wholeness.

First, being Mental Wellness. The way that we connect with our mind could shift our view of self and the world that we live in. Our mental well-being reminds us to acknowledge but also push forward in eliminating mental blocks that could hinder healthy mental well-being. Mental blocks can show up as a way of existing but not living. Have you ever thought to yourself, I have a grand idea but what if it is not good enough? or I do not need a therapist to tell me how to live. Those are the types of mental blocks that I am referring to. They can show up as doubt, fear, procrastination, etc. The mental blocks are usually caused by our way of thinking, old beliefs, unhealthy patterns, or pure comfortability. Perhaps your way of thinking has not been renewed. If this is the case, this message is for you! I promise you that there is so much more to living and that is why I wanted to extend understanding because we cannot heal what we don’t “know” or “expose.”

Second, being Emotional Wellness. As stated above, in order or fully understand emotional well-being you have to understand yourself. Self-awareness is key! As humans, we spend a lifetime experiencing and overcoming. While we may have foreseen circumstances, there are also unforeseen circumstances that often leaves residue and a slew of emotions that are waiting to be properly processed. This is where ones ability to identify and manage their emotions is important. It is the inner soul work that allows particular mindsets to be challenged and emotional awareness to be developed. Since we have souls (mind, will, and emotions), shifting your mindset directly connects with your ability to build a relationship with your emotions. Emotions that derive from our beliefs such as shame, guilt, fear, procrastination, etc. can be a hurdle to jump over or the necessary challenge to propel us forward. When we are comfortable with our understanding of self, emotional well-being becomes more achievable.

Third, being Physical Wellness. A soulful being is one who can understand the interconnectedness of mind and body. Fully understanding that where the mind goes the body flows. Our physical well-being is made up of how we are caring for our bodies. We have the opportunity to eat well, get physical, and schedule wellness checks. While these are the typical acts of physical well-being, it goes deeper. Just think about the impact that would come from being able to know your body so well that you approach a doctors visit with ultimate confidence and thoroughly advocating for all of your wants and needs. This is called body awareness and self-awareness. It is the alignment that comes from studying yourself. This particular act is a step into the abundant life. I’ll go even deeper, one of the most common plagues among us is the inability to get restful sleep. I have found that it is simply because we have not trained our bodies. We are accustomed to the busyness of life. The next day awaits before the present day ends. In order to get restful sleep, a routine is necessary. The proper tools and usage that helps your body to wind down is also necessary. I highly encourage creating a healthy sleep routine that will allow your body to rest! When the body and mind rests properly, your are focused, rejuvenated, happy, and prepared for the purpose and tasks that are ahead.

Fourth, being Spiritual Wellness. In order to explore your spiritual well-being, you must understand the importance of the first three. Spiritual well-being is the foundation of holistic wellness as it helps us to clarify the overall meaning and purpose of our life’s. While journeying along in my spiritual growth, it has been the direct connection to see that I was created for a purpose. Connecting with God helps me to connect with myself. Think about this, when you wake in the morning, what fuels your day? Do you move with a sense of purpose or do you just move through day without direction? Whenever we choose to enhance our spiritual well-being, we are choosing to live beyond ourselves. This particular well-being sector empowers you to be a more meaningful human. It helps you to explore humanity, faith, morals, and your overall creation. While developing in this area, you have the opportunity to connect to community and pursue a deeper level of faith. When exploring your faith, you may seek to find practices and meanings that resonate with your soul. Practices consist of things like prayer, beliefs, rituals, and your desire to live a better life. For example, as I pursue my relationship with Christ, I have found that as I grow in Him, I grow personally. I discover more and more about my reason for being, and have been divinely chosen to help others on the very same path. Th path of wanting to pursue a life of richness in spirit, legacy of faith, and a fruitful life.

Have you discover your why? if not, I want to challenge you to pursue this questions until you find an answer that quiets your soul and bring peace and joy to your spirit. 

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