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Have you ever wondered how the father desires for us to live? I have. I truly believe that He wants us to live holistically. I believe He desires our mind, body, and spirits to be pure.

MIND- Proverbs 4:23

Last Saturday, me and a diverse group of powerful women had couch comfort to discuss reality. I taught on the power of purity in all areas in order to fully walk in your God given authority. Whew!! So let’s dive in. God’s will for us to be pure mentally simply means that we’re intentionally creating the mental space for Him to speak clearly and plant vision. Mental purity happens when we are not overstimulated and anxious. When we are overworked and exhausted, we leave room for confusion and chaos. I know you heard the heard the phrase “God is not the author of confusion.” It is true! When we have discipline in our thinking, we feel better. I mentioned to the women that the mind is the driver of our bodies. How many times are our thoughts far off and shortly our actions follow? This is why God tells us to focus our thoughts on things that are true and pure – Philippians 4:8-9. He knows that when we are focused, we are more likely to be sensitive to His voice and less likely to be frustrated and confused. We discussed how some of the unhealthy foods that we consume alters our moods. It is very common to eat sweets and experience a release of dopamine, but did you know that certain foods and drinks could also cause you to be depressed or anxious? As a result to this common issue, we shared meal plan ideas and ingredients to eat better, since our father made all things good.

BODY 1 Corinthians 16:19-20

When God created the foods that we eat, it was good and pure. We live in a world where things are constantly manipulated. It leaves us to work harder to eat better and challenges us to tackle fitness in between our “hustle hard” lifestyles. One message that was consistent amongst the group was, our bodies rejecting certain foods and us listening to it. We agreed that the older we get, our bodies are more demanding of what should and should not be inside. Physical purity happens when the body is cleansed of all things that are toxic. So, in order to maintain physical purity, I shared that one must identify and tackle triggers and unhealthy emotions. It can become so easy to use the body as a storage for life experiences but in the long run, the body keeps score. It will tap out. The second tip that I shared was avoiding temptation. I chuckled and looked around the room before sharing my testimony. I found comfort in locking eyes with one of my childhood friends who could attest that I have not always been pure but purity is a process. It is constant cleansing and working to stay there. Avoiding temptation takes discipline. It is the hard work, you know? Maintaining physical purity can be tackled with fasting. I suggested implementing intermit fasting to help with maintaining physical purity when you become challenged.

SPIRIT -Matthew 5:6

Spiritual purity is the ability to maintain a pure heart. If you are around me long enough, you will hear me mention the importance of heart posture. It is the posture of your heart and character. I truly believe that our father desires purity in our spirits because this is where He dwells. The posture of our hearts can shift depending upon life circumstances but it is our human duties to cleanse it daily. I mentioned the importance of being embedded in God’s word as a source to feed and cleanse your spirit. We are fleshy beings, so we are constantly in connection with other spirits. We discussed the importance of identifying and breaking unhealthy soul ties as they can be detrimental to your growth and possibly future relationships. It takes effort to be broken. We have to be careful that our spirits are cleansed to fully live in abundance as our father promised us – John 10:10

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