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Nature Coaching


Who: Are you an individual who seeks to gain a better mind, body, connection through nature? Do you desire coaching from a non-traditional standpoint? Let's get started!

The Nature Coaching services are provided to support women and men and who are interested in thriving holistically. 

What: The Healing Is Her coaching model is empowered by exploring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual sectors of the whole person.  

How: We will partner for 2-3 hours for a nature experience. This experience will allow you to have a mind, body, soul, spirit experience as you navigate the beauty of Great Falls trail. We will visually explore, while talking through your desired connection to live a life of wellness. You will challenge yourself to indulge in moments of mindfulness and stillness to connect holistically. 

Individuals Session Include:

  • This 3 hour experience will include a 1:1 60 minute coaching session. 
  • A 1:1 guide through the hiking trail. 
  • Pre & Post Mindfulness session.  
  • Two mindfulness and breathing sessions. 

Group Session Include:

  • 3 hour hiking experience.
  • Connection and community with adults.
  • Authentic connection with self and physical fitness. 

Investment: The investment on your wellness will vary according to preference and need. 

Exit strategy: As a coach, I am very concerned about clients being empowered away from sessions. You will leave the coaching program secured and confident in living out your desired wellness plan.


Email us to set up an inquiry call for availability !