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Holistic Wellness Coaching

Who: Are you an individual who seeks to live a life of holistic wellness? Do you desire wholeness in your mind, body, and spirit? If these resonate with you, let's get started!

Our Coaching services are provided to support women, men and mothers who are interested in thriving holistically.

What: The Healing Is Her coaching model is empowered by exploring mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual sectors of the whole person.  

How: We will partner for six weeks to design a holistic guide that fits your life. The sessions will be held bi-weekly over the course of three months consecutively. We will focus intently on the mind, body, and spirit as we journey. This service will allow clients to be challenged and pushed to purpose through a trauma informed and strength-based lens in order to attain wholeness. 

What's included?

  • This six-week¬†program gives clients 1:1 coaching for 60-minutes a session.
  • Access to the Healing Is Her Wellness Workbook.¬†
  • Four mindfulness and breathing sessions.¬†

Investment: The investment for your wellness is $85 per session. 

Exit strategy: As a coach, I am very concerned about clients being empowered away from sessions. You will leave the coaching program secured and confident in living out your desired wellness plan.

Email us to schedule a complimentary discovery call!  

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